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Huntingdonshire DC 24th March 2022


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Completion Date: 16th June 2022

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Projects Support Officer



Jacqueline.Cadogan- Poole@huntingdonshire.

The play panels can be used by all abilities and provide a fun play point that offers puzzle solving and discovery. Alongside these, we have included musical elements such as musical chimes and a rain wheel to add to the sensory aspect of this play zone. Alongside this are a climbing cricket and snail, another great sensory and role play element within

this play space. Around a two-minute walk from the Sensory Play Zone, you will come across Grasslands, the second play zone within the park. This fantastic play zone offers climbing for children aged five and over, with various challenging crossings and ascents onto the multiple towers. This play feature has been designed to look like natural grassland and also contains natural carved grassland features to add to the theming. This fantastic climbing unit has been installed onto a natural-looking bonded mulch surface. Take a ten-minute walk, and you will stumble across our third play zone, Wetlands. This play zone includes our

brand new Robina Play Duck. A fantastic feature that offers climbing, role play and discovery. Flanked by two play panels, this item is a must-have for any country park! The last area within the play park is our Squirrels Dray toddler zone. This play zone has been designed for children up to five years old and is an introduction to climbing and swinging, promoting essential development skills at a young age, such as balancing and upper body strength. With the added theming elements of our carved wooden squirrels on top of the posts and also the squirrel spring rockers, this offers a fantastic play offering to the younger visitors of the park. A successful installation period led us to open these play zones in time for the start of the summer

holidays in 2022, and as the first stage was so successful, the council have designed to add further items to each play zone with work to start in mid-Aug 2022.

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