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Wetpour Safer Surface

Tested and compliant with EN1177 (certificate available upon request) EPDM wetpour is: • Highly slip resistant • Fire Retardant • Impact Absorbing • Porous • Highly Durable • Versatile • Colour Use of this safety surfacing through the majority of the newly proposed play area will allow for a significant decrease in the maintenance burden which is likely on the current site. Edges with Pre- Cast Concrete edging and set upon a compacted MOT Type 1 base this surfacing will provide a low maintenance, highly durable safety surface solution for the high volume of footfall the site is likely to see. In addition, the opportunity to introduce colour and vibrancy will enhance the play proposals and offer extended opportunities for creative play. It will also provide opportunities for those with visual impairments to engage within the play environment through visual stimulation, and allow for users of all abilities access onto and throughout the proposed play environment. • Highly UV- and weather stable (When using Aliphatic Binder) • Dust free granules • No colour bleeding • Colour consistency • No batch to batch variation between bags • Granules have been shaped to optimise slip resistance, spread rate and surface strength Maintenance: Wetpour is a low maintenance product. However, it should undergo routine inspection and maintenance to keep it in optimum condition. The extremely high quality is guaranteed throughout:

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