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Protecting the Future Environment

Through our award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility ethos, eibe is a true ‘environmental protection pioneer’. For over twenty years, sustainability has been an integral part of our business strategy, from wood production to catalogue printing, with a host of certificates and award recognition to support it. eibe protects the environment • Our wood comes from sustainable forestry, 100% guaranteed, FSC® certified (COC) • Environmental protection is deeply anchored in our corporate philosophy • Exemplary ‘green’ management and environmentally compatible products • Ecological-centric production procedures • Consistent and continual fair thinking and empathetic action FSC: The FSC trademarks on wood and wood products stand for transparency and credibility. They guarantee fair and responsible treatment of people and the environment. EMAS: EMAS is a voluntary instrument of the European Union. It advises and accompanies businesses and organisations of every size and branch to continuously improve their environmental performance. UMWELTPAKT BAYERN: The Bavarian Environmental Pact is an agreement between the Bavarian government and the Bavarian industry.

eibe and sustainability All of the wood we use originates from sustainable forestry.

Just like our finished products, the timber is rigorously tested and certified.. Voluntariness, acceptance of environmental responsibility and cooperative action are parts of the basic principles. Currently over 2600 businesses are involved in the Bavarian Environmental Pact for sustainable economic activity.

Brickhills Play Area - St Neots Town Council / 42

Brickhills Play Area - St Neots Town Council / 43

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