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Case Study Hinchingbrooke Phase 2



Huntingdonshire District Council


Start Date:

Completion Date:

14th September 2022

28th September 2022 Countryside Manager


Judith Arnold


Phone: uk

Following a successful play equipment installation at Hinchingbrooke Country Park in the summer of 2022, eibe Play was commissioned to carry out another second phase of play equipment installation after the summer holidays had finished. The Country Park team were delighted with how the first phase of work went. However, they felt they wanted to increase their offering to children with lesser abilities that visit the park. After a thorough consultation with the Country Park team, both parties selected equipment that they felt would increase the offering to all park users. The equipment locations were the next phase of the decision-making process, as the right equipment had to go to the correct location. We also felt that the new play equipment needed to increase the play offering on the new four locations of new play zones around the park.

The first play item that was chosen was our Inclusive Roundabout. This fantastic play piece offers the opportunity for everyone to play as one whilst also offering children in wheelchairs the opportunity to play alongside their friends. The Country Parks team and eibe Play felt this item was best located within the sensory zone at the beginning of the country park, as it can be accessed by all as it is just off the pathway. This, alongside the bonded mulch safer surfacing, allows this item to be used all year round. Within this area also, we have located our Wheelchair Swing. This fantastic play item offers wheelchair users the ability to experience swinging within a controlled environment and increases the offering the part offers its wheelchair users. Moving into the park and located within the Grassland Playspace, we located our Play Unit Lauren. This is one of our most popular play items as it offers a wide range of play opportunities. From its accessible ramp to its many play panels, this fantastic play item can be used by children of all ages and abilities whilst

also promoting essential development skills such as eye- hand coordination and upper and lower body strength. The sensory play panels make this item a must for any sensory play space. Lastly, located within the Wetlands Play Space, we have included our brand new Wheelchair Seesaw. New to the eibe Play product range, this excellent play piece offers a fantastic play opportunity for children of all abilities to play together and experience the opportunities this Seesaw has to offer. All of the above play equipment was installed onto a bonded mulch safer surface, meaning they can be used and enjoyed by everyone all year round. eibe Play looks forward to working alongside the council to see how these play items are used and enjoyed moving forward, and we will continue to offer the support needed to ensure these are a success for years to come.

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