Brickhills Inclusive Play Area - St Neots TC _001

Foundations No Timber in the Ground

• eibe play equipment requires minimal maintenance. The timber can age naturally without any upkeep apart frommaintenance checks relating to moving components, nuts and bolts etc. If vandalism does occur then this can be easily addressed and remedied. For example, graffiti can be removed by sanding the wood, returning it to its natural condition without any need to re-treat the timber. Furthermore, should part of the equipment be deemed damaged beyond economical repair, due to its modular nature, eibe equipment may be easily repaired by replacing only the damaged section rather than a major section of the equipment. • eibe uses Galvanised or Stainless Steel feet, as required, for mounting our equipment onto the ground foundations and does not install timber support posts directly into the ground. With this and the CCB (Copper Chromium Boride) treatment, we have eradicated any problems or potential weaknesses in the structure of the equipment caused by rot or damp. All equipment is designed and installed to facilitate ease of access for inspection and maintenance throughout the whole of the play area • The wooden elements of the equipment will add a softness and subtlety to the play area which will not be present in an all- steel design. We believe in blending our designs into the natural environment and this is more easily achieved and aesthetically pleasing than non-organic materials.

Dual Fixing Method

Galvanised Steel Post Foot

Brickhills Play Area - St Neots Town Council / 38

Brickhills Play Area - St Neots Town Council / 39

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