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Inclusive Nest Swing

Eagle Swing with Nest Swing

Little Beetle Spring rocker

Product Number : 52509001100 Materials: Pinewood Minimum Space : 800 x 772 x 380 cm Safety Surface Area : 50.0 m² Free falling height : 149 cm Foundations : 6x CF or 6x PFs + 6x CF

Product Number : 5598090 Materials : Powder coated steel Minimum space : Ø 280x240 cm Safety Surface Area : 6,5 m² Free falling height : 40 cm Foundations : 1x CF

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Balance Play

Sam Play Unit

Grasshopper Double Spring Rocker

Product Number : 5552405 Materials: Sw Pine, HDPE Minimum Space : 330x250x226 cm

Product Number : 51102201110 Materials: Sw Pine, HDPE Minimum Space : 998x973x332 cm

Safety Surface Area : 7,5 m² Free falling height : 46cm Foundations : 22 x CF

Safety Surface Area : 59,5m² Free falling height : 173 cm Foundations : 22 x CF

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Balance Play Spinning l

Swinging Play

Inclusive Play

Inclusive Roundabout

Eagle Swing - 1 Flat, 1 Tango

Product Number : 5640090 Materials: HPL, HDPE, Aluminium Minimum Space : Ø 574x240 cm Safety Surface Area : 25,5m² Free falling height : 60cm Foundations : 1 x CF

Product Number : 52502901100 Materials: SW Pine Minimum Space : 800x428x317 cm

Safety Surface Area : 24 m² Free falling height : 137 cm Foundations : 4x CF

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Climbing Ramps

Sensory Panel

Balance Play

Kamet Play Unit

Shaded Play

Product Number : 51151501100 Materials:Pine, SW Minimum Space : 757x541x275 cm Safety Surface Area : 25.5 m² Free falling height : 58 cm Foundations : 13x CF or 13x PFs

0.45m Tall Slide!

Crawling Tunnel

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Material Pine, softwood

The hard wearing, yet economical, play units of our ‘ecorino’ range, are particularly well suited for public areas. The popular playground-classics have been re-designed to include modern day advances including statics, visual appearance and educational appeal. The low maintenance aspects of ‘ecorino’ makes this product line particularity attractive for use in public areas. Best of all, the selection of play items and accessories is so wide that the perfect playground can be designed for any individual requirement, regardless of space or location.

Non Heart Post Feet 140mm 100mm Machine Sanded

A Key Point Summary • Wood is natural and smooth. Unlike metal, it is warm to touch • Easy to climb, play on, and environmentally friendly • You’ll be buying from a reliable and sustainable source • Protected from infestations and rot • After usage, the timber is 100% recyclable • Cannot be easily damaged • Minimal risk of cracking and splintering • With its numerous sections, it’s easy to replace a single piece • Graffiti is sanded down. Aesthetically more appealing than metal • High-quality joinery is a key characteristic of all eibe play equipment

Our many years’ experience in building play equipment is evident from the quality of the joinery and the detailed, sophisticated design, as well as the realisation by state-of-the-art woodwork machinery.

Available in the following Brands

140mmMachine Round Posts

140mmMachine Round Posts

100mmMachine Square Posts

100mmMachine Square Posts

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Foundations No Timber in the Ground

• eibe play equipment requires minimal maintenance. The timber can age naturally without any upkeep apart frommaintenance checks relating to moving components, nuts and bolts etc. If vandalism does occur then this can be easily addressed and remedied. For example, graffiti can be removed by sanding the wood, returning it to its natural condition without any need to re-treat the timber. Furthermore, should part of the equipment be deemed damaged beyond economical repair, due to its modular nature, eibe equipment may be easily repaired by replacing only the damaged section rather than a major section of the equipment. • eibe uses Galvanised or Stainless Steel feet, as required, for mounting our equipment onto the ground foundations and does not install timber support posts directly into the ground. With this and the CCB (Copper Chromium Boride) treatment, we have eradicated any problems or potential weaknesses in the structure of the equipment caused by rot or damp. All equipment is designed and installed to facilitate ease of access for inspection and maintenance throughout the whole of the play area • The wooden elements of the equipment will add a softness and subtlety to the play area which will not be present in an all- steel design. We believe in blending our designs into the natural environment and this is more easily achieved and aesthetically pleasing than non-organic materials.

Dual Fixing Method

Galvanised Steel Post Foot

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Protecting the Future Environment

Through our award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility ethos, eibe is a true ‘environmental protection pioneer’. For over twenty years, sustainability has been an integral part of our business strategy, from wood production to catalogue printing, with a host of certificates and award recognition to support it. eibe protects the environment • Our wood comes from sustainable forestry, 100% guaranteed, FSC® certified (COC) • Environmental protection is deeply anchored in our corporate philosophy • Exemplary ‘green’ management and environmentally compatible products • Ecological-centric production procedures • Consistent and continual fair thinking and empathetic action FSC: The FSC trademarks on wood and wood products stand for transparency and credibility. They guarantee fair and responsible treatment of people and the environment. EMAS: EMAS is a voluntary instrument of the European Union. It advises and accompanies businesses and organisations of every size and branch to continuously improve their environmental performance. UMWELTPAKT BAYERN: The Bavarian Environmental Pact is an agreement between the Bavarian government and the Bavarian industry.

eibe and sustainability All of the wood we use originates from sustainable forestry.

Just like our finished products, the timber is rigorously tested and certified.. Voluntariness, acceptance of environmental responsibility and cooperative action are parts of the basic principles. Currently over 2600 businesses are involved in the Bavarian Environmental Pact for sustainable economic activity.

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Steel Play Equipment

Play units must withstand high usage and stress. Metal materials are ideal in this situation to construct highly durable, easy to clean and safe play areas. With our metal products, eibe presents imaginative metal worlds that look sturdy, yet are extremely attractive. With their timeless design, the basic units are a perfect match for all types of terrains.

A Key Point Summary

• Interesting colour designs intrigue children

• Metal materials are highly durable, easy to clean and safe to play areas

• Stainless steel, galvanised steel and powder-coated options available

• Low cost of ownership thanks to easy-care concept

• Can withstand high usage and stress

• Large variety of individual component parts to design a play world

• Extremely attractive

• 100% recyclable after product lifecycle

High-quality joinery is a key characteristic of all eibe play equipment

Our many years’ experience in building play equipment is evident from the quality of the joinery and the detailed, sophisticated design.

Stainless Steel

Galvanised Steel

Powder Coated

Materials Overview

Stainless Steel: V2A stainless steel (1.4301) Corrosion resistant, temperature resillient, conductive, weldable, hygienic, lowmaintenance, long life, long guarantee

Steel: (S235JR)

All parts are carefully processed, deburred and surface treated depending on requirement

Small parts are galvanically zinc plated Larger parts are hot dip galvanised and powder coated if required

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High Density Polyethylene


• UV stabilized for fade resistant outdoor use • Will not rot, delaminate, splinter or crack • Stain and graffiti resistant for easy cleaning

• Durable orange peel textured finish • Moisture and chemical resistant • High impact resistant • 100% recyclable and non toxic • Easily machined and engraved • No heavy metals • No phthalates

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheets are extruded and co-extruded thermoplastic materials that are used worldwide in the manufacture of panels and components for the Playground, Sport, Leisure and Recreation Industries. The versatile properties of this material, including UV stability, make it resistant to fading, moisture, weather, stain and graffiti. The perfect choice for outdoor environments. HDPE is easily routed or engraved using current CNC technology, in the case of 2-colour sheet options, you can remove the outer colour and revealing the colour inside to create almost unlimited design capabilities. Increasingly used across a wide range of industries and applications, HDPE panels are being used to replace timber and composite panel components. Whilst the initial cost of these materials may be lower, the long-termmaintenance requirements and shorter life expectancy make their choice a false economy. HDPE also offered as softer, warmer and more play friendly feel to it. In addition to all the product and user benefits, HDPE is 100% recyclable

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Guarantees & Spare Parts

eibe Playground Equipment: Guarantee Cover Time Wood


35 Years 15 Years.

Steel Structural Elements Guarantee for decomposition and fungal decay for all robinia timber, all oil glued laminated larch, all pressure

Steel Structural Elements

Guarantee for non- corrosion of stainless steel, galvanised, and powder coated construction elements.

impregnated softwood timber, and oiled glued laminated eucalyptus

5 Years 2 Years

Guarantee for breaking and malfunction caused by construction, workmanship and material selection Guarantee for malfunction and breaking for moving parts, bearings, springs and nets (Wear and Tear).

Playground Safety Surfacing: Time Guarantee Cover 5 Years

For all EPDMWetpour safety surfacing, Rubber Grass Matting and Rubber Bonded Mulch

5 Years

For all Play Bark and Wood Chip, Play Grade Sand

Other: Time

Guarantee Cover

1 Year

Covering all workmanship elements including concrete foundations, and hard and soft landscaping i.e. planting, mounding etc.

Terms of Guarantee

Availability of Spare Parts

Please note that the Guarantee period will commence following completion and contract sign-off. For guarantees to remain in effect for their duration the Customer has a responsibility to adopt a suitable maintenance regime for all aspects of the play environment (please see eibe’s recommended maintenance below). All inspection and maintenance undertaken by the Customer, or by others on the Customer’s behalf must be recorded, detailed and documented. Maintenance records will be requested when a claim against eibe’s guarantees are made. Where inspection and maintenance records cannot be produced then eibe will not be responsible for honouring the guarantees offered. On the basis that recorded inspection and maintenance documentation can be produced then eibe will uphold the guarantees offered.
Misuse of any aspects of equipment or the play environment, acts of vandalism/anti-social behaviour, or general wear and tear through frequent use is not covered by the guarantees.

Spare parts are made available for the life of all eibe equipment, whether the requirement is to replace a single element or an entire unit.

With respect to the lead times associated with spare parts, these are as follows:

• 24/48hrs – For standard screws and fixings etc. • 1 Week – For elements such as swing seats, connection elements, ropes etc. • 3 Weeks – For structural posts, slides etc.

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Aftercare and Maintenance Maintenance


eibe supplies all relevant installation and maintenance instructions for each piece of equipment . This references the information provided above and in addition, provides specific requirements for the item of equipment. Combining the installation and maintenance instructions ensures that individual parts can be clearly identified and provides an understanding of how the equipment is assembled which will assist with any maintenance requirements. Where required, eibe supply specialist tools in order to carry out the required equipment maintenance – examples of this include specific drill/screw pieces in order to tighten anti-tamper fixings. Should the Customer wish to receive installation/maintenance instructions for each piece of equipment suggested as part of this tender response, these are readily available.

eibe playground equipment is designed and manufactured with a minimummaintenance requirement. Inevitably with any play equipment, maintenance activities will be required and shall be undertaken to ensure equipment longevity and to maintain compliance with the relevant standards. The following regime is recommended for all eibe play equipment:

Quarterly Checks

We recommend that a thorough check of all play equipment and entire play areas are conducted on a quarterly basis. Checks should include the above and, in addition, should include checks to ensure that all fixings are tight using the correct tools and correcting where not. In addition, undertaking a more thorough check to identify any wear to any moving parts, ropes, or fixings, and where appropriate taking remedial action.

Annual Checks

We recommend that an annual inspection is carried out, which would include the above recommendations. In addition, eibe advises that a qualified Independent Inspector carry out an inspection and produce a report of the play area and equipment to ensure that all elements remain sound, and in line with the appropriate standards. Where potential issues are highlighted then remedial action shall be taken. Please note that the above information is based upon eibe’s experience and recommendation only. Each play area and item of play equipment is different; therefore the Customer should instigate an appropriate maintenance plan, taking into consideration this guidance to ensure that all play areas and play equipment remain available for use. Based on experience, equipment is likely to require more regular maintenance during the first three months following its installation. This is on the basis that the equipment is adapting and acclimatising to its environment, and in addition during this period the amount of usage is likely to peak. Therefore, maintenance teams should plan for this and react accordingly. Whilst all types of equipment, features and elements within a public open space are potentially at risk from damage and wear from excessive use, eibe ensures that through careful design, quality manufacturing and extensive experience in developing public play environments, our product characteristics are: All materials used are of the highest quality, and designed specifically for heavy and potential inappropriate use. All appropriately treated where possible to be fire retardant All include anti-tamper fixings All equipment is modular allowing individual components to be replaced separately All fixings and areas for maintenance are assessable and can be reached without the need to remove sections of equipment Durability


eibe can provide aftercare services; not just parts supply, but inspection and assistance with future maintenance. In addition to the recommendations on maintenance and the supply of documentation needed to conduct and carry this out, eibe will appoint a dedicated Play Consultant in order to assist with any questions, queries, or issues which the Customer may have following contract award and project completion. Your Play Consultant will be your main point of contact for any contract related queries. This will provide you with a single point of contact rather than numerous, ensuring clear and consistent lines of communication for all contract queries, which may include meetings, site visits, phone and email communication. The Play Consultant will be supported by our Project Manager and Project Administration team to ensure continuity of service and after care during the contract delivery stage and beyond.

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Added Value Long Term customer Support and Service We would like to reinforce eibe’s commitment to working with our Customers as part of a long term relationship. eibe would like to make the following additional offers to form part of this contract at no cost: Spare Parts Where spare parts are required as a result of maintenance inspections or excessive wear eibe will supply these spare parts at no additional cost during the first two years following Customer sign-off. (Please note: This is dependent upon a suitable maintenance regime being in place and that any spares required as a result of vandalism are excluded). Maintenance Staff Training – Workshop eibe would like to offer the Customer a free Maintenance Training Workshop. This will be open to all Customer Maintenance staff and those directly responsible for the running, management and up-keep of the area being developed under the contract. The Workshop will be undertaken by eibe’s Contracts Manager and performed at the site following practical completion (and on a date suitable to the Customer). The workshop will be an introduction for all staff to eibe as a company, the team and who to contact in relation to help and assistance, ordering spare parts etc.

In addition, Customer staff will be shown around the area and practical demonstrations will be carried out with regards to the maintenance and suggested approach taken to successfully managing and maintaining the developed sites. A specific agenda will be drawn up in conjunction and agreement with the Customer prior to the event taking

Summary The above offers are made to further assist our Customers in areas in which they will need to consider moving forward from contract completion, such as the lifetime of the of the installation, and the long term cost of ownership associated with the regular and unforeseen maintenance etc. These offers illustrate that eibe is committed to working alongside the Customer for the life of the area to make it as much a success for the years to come as it is at the time of opening.

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Insurance Letter

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eibe Play Ltd has a wide range of accreditation and certification covering everything frommaterial and sourcing aspects of its work such as FSC certification, through to Play Industry recognition and affiliation with the API (Association of Play Industries). All aspects of eibe’s business and works are duly tested, verified and certified to ensure quality throughout the business, and providing its customers with the peace of mind that they are engaging into contracts with a reputable, professional and high profile Play Company. Please see below some examples of these. If you would like to receive electronic copies of any certificates they are readily available upon request. Industry Recognised Certification: Accreditations and Certification Quality & Process

CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP This is to certify that

Membership Certificate EIBE Play Ltd

Is a Member of RoSPA until 01/02/2024

As a member, this organisation supports RoSPA’s mission to save lives and reduce injuries

eibe Play Ltd

Has been accepted as a member of the Association of Play Industries


Membership No:



Member Number

Valid For

Errol Taylor Chief Executive of RoSPA

Deborah Holt, Membership Manager

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Patron: Her Majesty The Queen Registered Charity No. 207823 CERTIFICATE


The Certification Body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH certifies that

The Certification Body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH certifies that

eibe play ltd. Forsyth Home Farm, A3 Bypass Road Godalming Surrey GU8 6AD United Kingdom

eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG Industriestraße 1, 97285 Röttingen Germany

has established and applies an Environmental Management System for

has established and applies a Quality Management System for

Development, production and distribution of playground equipment, leisure facilities and active play equipment.

Distribution of playground equipment, l eisure facilities and active play equipment .

An audit was performed, Order No. 70014909 . Proof has been furnished that the requirements according to ISO 14001:2015 are fulfilled. The certificate is valid from 2020-04-21 until 2023-04-14 . Previous certificate valid until 2020-04-14. Certificate Registration No.: 12 104 15757 TMS .

An audit was performed, Order No. 70014909 . Proof has been furnished that the requirements according to ISO 9001:2015 are fulfilled. The certificate is valid in conjunction with the main certificate from 2020-04-21 until 2023-04-14 . Certificate Registration No.: 12 100 15757/03 TMS .

Product Compliance Management Munich, 2020-04-21

Product Compliance Management Munich, 2020-04-21

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Located in Bavaria, Germany Covering nearly five Hectares the eibe factory and main hub is equivalent to almost nine football fields. The site comprises of two factory floors, assembly area, Design and Management building a large training and competence centre know as the “house of kinders”. Also not one, but two outdoor showrooms which feature top secret new exciting innovated projects and products. These products are built as prototypes and then finely tuned ready for their TUV inspection. eibe Factory

Goods In

Goods Out

Factory Tours are welcome

Factory Floor

4.78 Hectares

Training and competence centre

Design Studio

Factory Floor

Outdoor Play Showroom

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eibe UK

Located near Guildford, Surrey Bavarian Craft, British Creation

Goods Out

German - Anglo relations are bilateral, our strong association can be traced back many centuries. In more recent years historians have closely studied the mutual cultural, ideological and technological influences both nations share.

At eibe UK we are immensely proud of our German heritage. Since the UK team was established in 1995 we have taken significant steps in transforming the brand, taking full ownership of our own direction & influence within the UK. Based in Guildford, Surrey, our independent team of designers, consultants

and project managers can provide all the expertise and professional knowledge required to deliver your perfect play area. Our vast portfolio of products allows our professional team of in- house designers to create bespoke play solutions to your exact requirements that will thrill children for years to come.

Goods In

The eibe UK journey 1. Research & Development 2. Manufacturing craftmanship 3. Delivery to UK 4. Consultation process

5. Concept designs 6. Developed design 7. Delivery to client 8. Installation 9. Surfacing 10. Handover & after care

eibe House

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Apple Grove - Rugby Brough Council / 37

We look forward to working with you on your new, exciting project:

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