Hinckley and Bosworth Play Area Presentation


Understanding your requirements

A maximum Budget of £ 95,000

The play area is to be designed with children from the age of 3 – 12 years

Equipment should be wooden in appearance with any ground fixing in steel

A wide variety of equipment considered to maximise play opportunities for all age groups

Equipment themed with the natural world in mind.

Equipment must not extend four metres

Replace dog Grids

Surfacing around any fixed equipment should adhere to the correct BS standards

The play area should be accessible to both disabled and non-disabled children.

The play area should allow for children with different abilities to play together

Pathways should be incorporated into the design from the existing entrance points, a breedon grave (Golden amber) surfacing should be used.

The play area should give children the opportunity to experience challenge and excitement

Brickhills/Henbrook Play Area - Hinckley and Bosworth BC / 2

Brickhills/Henbrook Play Area - Hinckley and Bosworth BC / 3

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