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Dawlish is an English seaside resort town and civil parish in Teignbridge on the south coast of Devon. Dawlish is known for its black swans, introduced from Western Australia, which live with other exotic waterfowl in a small urban sanctuary on Dawlish Water. Several attractions in and around the town include beaches, a mini-golf safari, a waterfowl centre, a theatre, a leisure centre with a pool, a countryside park, and the Dawlish Museum. eibe Play was tasked to create a natural-looking play space that provided the local children with fun and challenging play equipment with an all-accessible surface. All of these, eibe Play specialise in, so we jumped at the chance of submitting our design proposal.The first process was to identify the equipment we would like to include. It was necessary at this point to have the right amount of play equipment that caters for the broadest age group possible. Also, with this in mind, it was essential to include the right amount of play value. Which also offers the children a variety of play features and options to use the play space. This could consist of swinging, bouncing, balancing and jumping. eibe Play chose its impressive Robinia Paradiso range and Unique Softwood pine range for this play space. It would offer the play area a natural look whilst providing the school with the right play equipment. As the children enter the play space, they are greeted by the fantastic Winja Toddler Unit. This toddler climbing piece provides numerous play experiences such as sliding, climbing and jumping whilst offering key learning development opportunities such as role play and social interaction. Around the Toddler Climbing Unit are located various play panels and two of our excellent bespoke Black Swan Spring Rockers. Numerous themed play panels surround these items, including the chance for the children to join the Orange Army or create their very own Black Swan. These items are visited for any play space to improve social and puzzle-solving skills whilst providing an inclusive play item. Next to these fantastic items, we have located our Robinia Dingy. Toddlers will have great fun acting out like pirates or sailors as they sail the seas around Devon. eibe Play chose a wet pour safer surfacing for this area, which allowed them to theme the safer surfacing to add extra meaning and enhance the end user’s experience. This can be seen with the railway tracks and sea-themed colours around the ships. As you move into the play area, the age range of the play equipment moves slightly higher, from toddlers to early Juniors. Wherever possible, we have included play equipment that can represent elements of Dawlish’s rich history. For example, our Inclusive Play Ship resembles the trawlers and fishing boats that have been fishing off the coast of Dawlish for years. The train directly opposite has been included to highlight the historic train station and tracks going along the coast of Dawlish. Moving into the separated junior area, The Multiplay unit chosen for older juniors was the Play Unit Han. This play item is designed for children aged from 7 upwards and provides a challenging and fun play experience for the children using it. The unit has been designed to make the children feel like they are playing high up in the trees, offering them plenty of routes down if they are not quite ready to take on the next crossing. Located in this area also is our ever-popular Snake Swing, which allows numerous users to enjoy its excellent play value at once and our Nest Swing and Junior Swing seat combination. Towards the other side of the junior play space, eibe Play added a selection of their fantastic Robinia trail, which challenges the children to risk-taking skills and improves critical development skills such as eye–hand coordination and balancing. A natural, safer surface, to ensure it kept in with the natural surroundings, was chosen throughout this scheme. Bonded mulch in browns and greens with various natural patterns, this surface is accessible all year round for all types of users. This is equally important for prams and wheelchairs. After the council went through a consultation stage with the local community, eibe Play was privileged to be awarded the play area refurbishment contract. They quickly engaged with the council to refine the play equipment chosen, and after a couple of minor amendments, the manufacturing of the equipment commenced. eibe Play had to deal with a very tricky access route, which was down a steep slope by a hospital and made sure they liaised with the council during the installation and delivery to ensure they avoided any possible issues that might arise during this period. The play area was opened in early February, on a lovely winter’s afternoon, with the local children eagerly anticipating its opening. eibe play will return with Goodie bags for the play area’s grand opening in the spring. The local community continued to use the play equipment until dusk, and the play area has been packed ever since.

eibe play looks forward to supporting the community for years to come and has been overjoyed with the positive feedback it has received.

Brickhills/Henbrook Play Area - Hinckley and Bosworth BC / 32

Brickhills/Henbrook Play Area - Hinckley and Bosworth BC / 33

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