Hinckley and Bosworth Play Area Presentation

Our Aim - Robyn Brookes We are very happy to present your new natural play area for Burbage Common. Our intention has been to create an imaginative playspace that compliments the surrounding environment and adds to the charm and appeal of an already wonderful asset. The area is rich in wildlife and to celebrate that our design centres on nature. Throughout the new playground there is nature themed surfacing layout, educational nature totem, a duck spring rocker, and a general natural theming and colour palate to the equipment. The scheme provides a mixture of quality play experiences to children of all abilities. To us this means offering physical, sensory and social play value with our equipment and overall design. The elements within your new playground allow children to play in many different ways, exploring their own ideas and actions, and interacting with the environment around them. Inclusive play equipment within the play area include the basket swing and stand up seesaw, and wheelchair accessible elements include the nature themed play totem, sound chimes and the wheelchair accessible picnic benches. In addition to this list is a variety of other play equipment that allow children to balance, climb, crawl, jump, rotate, rock, slide, spin, and swing. The main feature unit we have chosen gives the play area the wow factor with its multiplatform layout and irregular roof structures. The unit offers a combination of challenging ascents at different difficulty levels for children to overcome, plus a crawl tunnel, grp slide and feature metal climbing web. In summary, Burbage Common’s new Play Area will offer a variety of exciting, accessible and inclusive play opportunities for the local community to enjoy. The unique design will also attract visitors from further afield to visit. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

“We have designed a play space that encourages children to play together, no matter of age, gender or ability”

Robyn Brookes

Playground Consultant


07842 318122

Burbage Common - Hinckley and Bosworth BC / 4

Burbage Common - Hinckley and Bosworth BC / 5

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