Manor Green Play Area Presentation

Fencing Bow Top Fencing

Perfect for a wide variety of applications, Bow Top fencing, also known as hoop top railings, provides a versatile and durable solution. This is ideal for schools, parks, light commercial properties, and for use as residential metal railings. The bow top panels have a pale-through-rail construction with no visible joins and are immensely strong. Their tubular construction means they are lighter than traditional wrought iron railings and require fewer support posts, making installation faster and reducing costs. Metal Bow Top Fencing are supplied in a hot dip galvanised finish which gives a high level of protection. For additional protection and appearance a polyester power coated finish is available in many colours. As part of the design, we will be installing 1m high galvanised bow top fencing to create a new fence line. We will also be adding in two self-closing gates. Uniquely, this type of gate offers the option of both left and right handed opening. The hydraulic closing mechanism is fully concealed within the lower framework of the gate, this not only protects the unit from the weather elements but also helps reduce acts of vandalism.

Self-closing gates that will be included as part of the design

Selsey TC Manor Road - Manor Green Play Area / 90

Selsey TC Manor Road - Manor Green Play Area / 91

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