Manor Green Play Area Presentation

Case Study Grove Ferry Play Area



Kent County Council


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Completion Date: 20th May 2022

16th April 2022 Louis Grover


Head of Country Parks



07740 183984

In the winter of 2021, eibe Play received the tender paperwork for this exciting scheme, of which all here at eibe Play were really excited about. This tender was part of an overall number of play areas to be designed within Kent Country Parks.

Eibe Play, were initially drawn to this tender, due to the lovely location of the site, and the council’s brief of a play

area that is in keeping with the area, and to reflect elements of its surroundings. Following an in-depth site meeting with the council, eibe were able to get a good picture as to what was required, and how we could create a play area that would really benefit the local community. The requirements were to create a play space that could be used by children for all ages and abilities, however to focus on the age groups of between 2-12 years old. Another key element of the design, was to include play items for children with lesser abilities. This is always at the forefront of our mind, when putting a design submission together. We therefore included various play items

that could be used by all ages and abilities, such as the Wheelchair Roundabout and Nest Swing. We also included a wheelchair accessible toddler climbing unit, that was jam-packed with play value, such as climbing, crawling and sliding. To enhance the play area, and to represent the theme of the surrounding areas, we have included themed elements both in our equipment and surfacing. The Country Park is surrounded a canal that flows all the way through it. To represent this, we have included our Santa Maria Play Ship, which has many a play feature, such as wobbly bridges and climbing nets, for all ages to enjoy.

The complete artificial surface, mean all elements of this fantastic play area, can be assessed all year round by wheelchairs and prams. We have also themed the surfacing to represent the nature that can be found around the park, such as bugs and flowers.

Selsey TC Manor Road - Manor Green Play Area / 94

Selsey TC Manor Road - Manor Green Play Area / 95

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