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Completion Date: December 2021

November 2021


Adam Scott


Gull Island




Gull Island playground originally opened in October 2012. After a very competitive process, play provider Eibe were selected to provide a new children’s playground at Beach House Grounds, Worthing, adjacent to the beach sand courts. The playground, aimed predominantly at the under eight years age group, was built during the summer of 2012 and named as ‘Gull Island’. Gull Island playground project worth 90K was installed with sand, swings, a roundabout and a themed play ship. It was officially opened to the public by Richard Ashworth MEP on Saturday 20th October 2012 at a celebration of our European connections. Following on from the success of ‘Gull Island’ back in 2012 and the amazing relationship between Adur and Worthing Council and eibe Play, eibe was appointed to refurbish the sand area of the playground. The playground has been funded via the EU Seaconomics project following a successful application by Worthing Borough Council earlier in 2021. Adur and Worthing Councils who currently maintain the park worked with the green space volunteer community group to support them in various developments and refurbish projects. In November it was agreed that eibe Play would take on the refurbishment project and work closely with Adur and Worthing to meet their specific requirements. eibe’s design of the new play area promotes Gross motor skills. This involves moving, strengthening and learning to control the large muscles in the arms, legs and torso. Developing these groups of muscles are vital to aid every day activities like walking, running, throwing, lifting, jumping etc.

• The Net Climber which promotes hand eye coordination and spatial awareness.

• Sand tower which is great for early scientific enquiry, introducing children to a basic pulley system which has fabulous physics links. One of the main things that can come out of using the sand tower is enhancing social skills through teamwork and turn taking. • Play Panels – Gull Island have three installed. Play Panels are great for learning and development of skills and also encourage imaginative play. • Toddler Climbing Towers - This fabulous climbing unit is aimed at pre-school aged children. It offers three different ways of getting onto the piece of equipment allowing children a range of challenges depending on their level of development • Wooden Boat: This item, while it doesn’t actually move, doesn’t mean that the children can’t make it move through the power of their imagination! Engaging in imaginative play can be a quick and easy way of children making new friends and developing those all important social skills. ‘Helping Adur and Worthing Council with various projects and supporting them in developing their playground has been an honour. This is why we do what we do at eibe Play.’ States Stuart Evans, eibe’s most experienced Playground Consultant.

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