Monks Recreational Play Area

Our Mission We have thoroughly enjoyed putting together the design concept for your Monks Recreation Ground play area. We pride ourselves on designing play areas that can be used by children of all ages and abilities, ultimately creating play areas for all. The underlying mission for eibe Play, is to create play areas that help develop and promote fit and healthy children. We also pride ourselves on designing natural play spaces, that fit into the surrounding area, with sustainability at the forefront of our minds, from the timber we use, to the installation teams who bring them to life. Our aim is to create low maintenance, long lasting play spaces that can be enjoyed by children for years to come. Your design brief and location really excited us, as we felt that our mission, was evenly matched with your requirement for this new play space. We feel this play area will become a hub for the local community, especially due to the close proximately to the local schools, therefore, the selection of play equipment we chose was vital. We have chosen equipment that we feel will benefit the children using it and offer the right amount of play value and features for children of all ages. In accordance with your brief and our discussions it was vital that we include equipment which can be used by children with a wide range of abilities. Another key element was accessibility, both for wheelchairs and prams. To achieve this, we have used artificial safer surfaces under all the play equipment. The easily accessible and inclusive artificial surfaces, make accessing the equipment easier all year round. Your new play area focuses on providing social play value by delivering an environment where children can take part in cooperative play, social interaction dramatic and imaginative play. Ultimately, we feel our design offers the optimum play value, opportunities and experiences for your children using the play space. Our design includes features to discourage anti-social behaviour in your new play area, including features such as open units and clear sight lines throughout the play area. All fixings used on our equipment are anti-tamper fixings as standard. These require the use of specialist tools which are unlikely to be available to the general public. The structures of the equipment themselves are inherently vandal resistant. Stainless steel and hot dip galvanised steel where implemented are totally vandalism-proof and perfect for public spaces. Our steel powder coated units can be used in the most antisocial of areas, and the natural density and durability of the pressure treated timber used for the posts ensuring minimal damage by harsh environments or mistreatment.

We are keen to work with you as a partner, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

David creative Director

Monks Recreation Ground Play Area - Lancing Parish Council / 4

Monks Recreation Ground Play Area - Lancing Parish Council / 5

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