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Understanding your requirements Understanding Your Brief

Your Specification: The play experience aim are to create a play are that is Inclusive, challenging and engaging. The aesthetic aims are to make a play area that looks natural and is colourful. Fenced Area: 0 -11 Year Olds Removed Fence in Middle of Play Area Wide Slide - The junior play house has a broad slide. Nest Swing - Originally requested to be in the outer area, this has been relocated to the fenced area for improved accessibility with the wetpour surfacing. Climbing Play - Junior and Toddler Play Houses give climbing opportunities to both age ranges. Bouncing Play - We chose an XL trampoline as this was a high priority on the consultation. Spinning Play - An accessible carousel was chosen to give children of all abilities the opportunity to spin together! Outer Area: 11 - 16 Year Olds Zip Wire - We chose our longest zip wire as this was a high priority on the consultation. Carousel Spinner - We included our accessible mirage seat to make our Namaka spinner inclusive for all abilities so that teenagers with mobility challenges feel welcome in the outer play area. Welcome to Girls - We believe all our equipment can be used by girls because play has no gender, however we respect and understand that it is critical to include passive and social play opportunities as well as the traditional active play opportunities to allow all children, regardless of play style, to feel welcome in the space. Our design features such play oppertunites. Large Climbing Piece - One of our largest Climbo units have been chosen for its challenging play value and its design based on how kids climbing trees, complementing the parks natural theme.

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