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Brightening up older play units Repainting

Older metal play equipment may look out of date or have a requirement to be replaced, however if the structure is still sound and the inspection report states it meets the requirement of BSEN1176 it might be well worth keeping it in place and giving it a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. When done corectly it could give the item of play another 10 years of life. Our Process Paint children’s playground equipment with lead-free paint to prevent lead poisoning. Children’s metal playground sets are typically constructed of galvanized steel to prevent rusting. Before painting playground equipment, carefully inspect the equipment and make needed repairs. Because welding melts the zinc coating of the galvanized steel, properly prepare any newly welded areas before painting. Check wooden playground sets for splinters and make the proper repairs before painting. Select paint for use on playground equipment carefully. Ask your paint dealer for advice. Follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Painting Metal Playground Equipment Step 1 Restore zinc coating to any welds made to repair play equipment. Sandblast or wire brush the weld to remove slag, then coat the welded area with a zinc-rich paint. Zinc-rich paint is available in spray cans or containers for brush painting. Step 2 Clean the play equipment with warm, soapy water. Use a terry cloth rag to wash all surfaces. Make certain to remove all dirt and grease. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Step 3 Allow the metal play equipment to dry thoroughly. Joints between metal pipes and bars take longer to dry. Make certain all surfaces are completely dry before proceeding. Step 4 Sand all surfaces using 280- to 320-grit sandpaper. Wipe surfaces with a clean cloth to remove paint dust. Using the correct sandpaper here will give you the best finish. Step 5 Apply a thin primer to ensure a good paint bond. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to brush or spray the primer onto play equipment surfaces. Step 6 Paint with exterior-grade, lead-free paint. Follow manufacturer’s instructions. A few coats may be required, this will be depanent on the choen colour.

Russet Park Play Area - Angmering Parish Council / 66

Russet Park Play Area - Angmering Parish Council / 67

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