Taverham Sandy lane Recreation Ground Presentation

“foster creativity, curiosity and encourage children to develop their skills”

Our Aim - Robyn Brookes

Taverham Sandy Lane Play Area

We are pleased to present your new playground and outdoor gym for Sandy Lane Recreation Ground. The full design covers four main areas; a toddler plays and picnic area, a main play area for children aged 5-12, a zip wire, and an outdoor gym. Also included are remedial works to the basketball area, a bike/scooter rack, signage and seating throughout. The existing site is predominantly natural grass with a number of valuable trees. With this in mind we will be using a combination of natural Robinia hardwood and metal equipment in muted colours to provide an extremely durable scheme with a natural aesthetic that compliments the surroundings.The wetpour colour we have proposed for the main play area is a nature mix with flecks of green, yellow and brown to blend in with the colours of the changing seasons. Your playground has been designed to include a wide variety of play experiences and features, offering full play provision for toddlers all the way through to teenagers. The popularity of your park especially with families led us to select equipment that allows multiple users to enjoy individual items at one time and encourage social interaction between children using it. The overall design includes play features for climbing, swinging, sliding, traversing, and spinning at varying levels of challenge. The main focus has been to create an enjoyable and inclusive outdoor environment that offers all ages and capabilities the opportunity to play and be active. We create playgrounds in accordance with the ten Principles for Designing Successful Play Spaces set out in Design for Play: A Guide to Creating Successful Play Spaces (Play England 2008), which states that successful play spaces: • Are “bespoke”. • Are well located. • Make use of natural elements. • Provide a wide range of play experiences. • Are accessible to both disabled and non-disabled children. • Meet community needs. • Allow children of different ages to play together. • Build in opportunities to experience risk and challenge. • Are sustainable and appropriately maintained. • Allow for change and evolution.

Inclusive elements included a across the play areas are: • Inclusive roundabout • Basket swing • Wheelchair friendly play elements offering learning and social interactions for all • Trampoline

Sandy Lane Recreation Ground - Taverham Parish Council / 12

Sandy Lane Recreation Ground - Taverham Parish Council / 13

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