Taverham Sandy lane Recreation Ground Presentation

Our Aim - Robyn Brookes

Your Toddler Area for children up to the age of five will be a great location for young to explore play through our equipment and natural landscaping. By retaining soil dug from site we will create naturalistic play mounds with inset boulders and logs for scrambling up and over. The mounds mimic types of landscape on a small scale so children can experience nature close up within a safe setting. Amongst these mounds is a broad range of play equipment. This includes three types of toddler swing (the cradle, the me to you and the basket crib swing), a trampoline/bouncing facility, the Ranjo playframe and the feature train. Our feature Robinia Steam train is a great item for roleplay and encourages children to use their imagination and engage in social play together. It is a nod to the history of the area and is a link to the heritage disused railway line that runs close by on its route from Norwich all the way to Aylsham. The play train can accommodate lots of children at a single time as they climb, balance or sit on it. The Ranjo playframe is a great introductory experience that appeals to children as they begin their exploration of sliding, climbing and social play. The unit has three different access routes, a tunnel, a sliding board panel and interactive play balls attached to the frame. The unit assists young children of varying abilities to improve their fine and gross motor skills. Trampolines and Swings are always an incredibly popular addition to any play area and in this first area at Sandy Lane we have a round in-ground trampoline and rocking crib, both of which are classified as inclusive pieces of equipment. There is also a standard toddler swing set with cradle seat and me to you swing. The me to you swing is a specifically designed swing seat that allows eye contact between parent and child with the adult controlling the movement of the swing. Situated at the heart of the play area will be a picnic area with three picnic benches whicth are accessible to wheelchair users. Surrounded by the trees, mounds and Robinia play equipment this will feel like an idyllic spot for a family picnic while children come and go between playing. There is also a standard seat positioned just off the pathway close to the entrance of the park and the main playframe and train so adults can sit and supervise when necessary or just sit and chat. Leading on from the Toddler Play Area is the Main Junior Play Area and Cableway. We wanted to provide an exciting space for children to explore and develop their own capabilities which meant selecting a very interesting and challenging piece of equipment that offers them the opportunity to progress and engage in play as they develop. Eibe’s Isa does this in every sense and aesthetically is an impressive feature structure from afar and up- close. In addition to the main structure, we have included an integration carousel, a nest swing and a set of standard junior swings. The Isa Robinia playframe offers climbing, traversing, balancing and sliding experiences with a broad range of ascents and descents across the unit. A large number of children can play on the Isa and enjoy its varied and challenging climbing experience. We have also chosen this unit because its structure compliments the setting with the trees in the adjacent toddler area. The spread-out nature of the unit also makes it very difficult to vandalise with very few large surface area panels that attract graffiti. The openness of the unit also means there are no hidden spots/nooks for teenagers to shelter in or attempt to start fires. The unit is incredibly durable and vandal resistant.

The Integration Carousel and Nest Swing are inclusive pieces of equipment that can be used by children of different ability, including wheelchair users. They are also items that can be used by several children at a time so make play sociable and more enjoyable. The standard junior swings are a great accompanying item to the nest swing and allow for multiple children to be swinging across different pieces of equipment. Your new Cableway is constructed of Robinia hardwood and is 30m in length to provide maximum excitement. It has been positioned at the furthest point possible from the houses either side of the recreation ground to minimise impact on properties neighbouring the recreation ground. The cable way is an impressive structure; its scale makes it an appealing piece of equipment to junior children who are starting to enjoy a certain level of risk and challenge within their play experience. This item helps children test and improve their fitness and balance. They are dynamic pieces of equipment for thrill seeking juniors and are great for social interaction, often being used in pairs/groups. Finally, your Outdoor Gym Area will become a fantastic new feature for the recreation ground. The equipment we have chosen has been specifically selected so it can be used by teenagers who are improving their fitness or by the older generation who may also use if for fitness or even recovery. Several of the unit’s target improving strength while others assist with mobility and even balance. The gym area has a great variety of equipment that meets the needs of different age groups, this includes; • The TaiChi active station which is great for positively influencing mobility of the upper limbs and shoulder so is great for older users. • Calisthenics bars which are brilliant for several different uses. They can be used as part of rehabilitation where the user is able to take steps supported on either side by the bars. Alternatively, they can be used for more strenuous push ups by more enthusiastic users. • The Back Trainer which is great for strengthening muscles around the spine and when used can help stabilise and support good posture. • The sit up bench and abdominal trainer which are great for strengthening the core. The sit- up bench offering the opportunity to do this at a level with support and the abdominal trainer for those more advanced who can support themselves while working out the core. Although these pieces of equipment are metal, they will be in green and grey in colour so they look in keeping with the rest of the surroundings. Close to the gym we have located a new seat on the path so any users who require a seat to rest have somewhere they can easily reach. The Basketball Area will also be getting a full-size new metal basketball post, board and hoop with net to encourage use of this area more often. Our long-lasting play equipment can age naturally with minimal upkeep apart frommaintenance checks relating to moving components, nuts and bolts etc. If vandalism does occur then this can be easily addressed and remedied. For example, graffiti can be removed by sanding the surfaces, and returning it to its natural condition without any need to re-treat any timber.

Sandy Lane Recreation Ground - Taverham Parish Council / 14

Sandy Lane Recreation Ground - Taverham Parish Council / 15

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