Taverham Sandy lane Recreation Ground Presentation

A Key Point Summary • Corrosion resistant • Temperature resilient • Conductive Material V2A, Stainless Steel Powder Coated Foot Grip Smooth Touch Modern Design Stainless Steel • Weldable • Hygienic • Low Maintenance • Cannot be easily damaged • 35 year guarantee on Stainless Steel Parts • Stainless steel, High qulaity fixings Available in the following Brands VA Stainless Steel, HDPE

Gym Equipment must withstand high usage and stress, particularly in public spaces. M materials are ideal in this situation to construct highly durable, easy to clean and safe areas. With our ‘Fit’ product line, eibe presents imaginative metal worlds that look stur are extremely attractive. With their modern design, the active stations are a perfect ma all types of terrains.

Sandy Lane Recreation Ground - Taverham Parish Council / 70

Sandy Lane Recreation Ground - Taverham Parish Council / 71

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