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Located near Guildford, Surrey Bavarian Craft, British Creation

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German - Anglo relations are bilateral, our strong association can be traced back many centuries. In more recent years historians have closely studied the mutual cultural, ideological and technological influences both nations share.

At eibe UK we are immensely proud of our German heritage. Since the UK team was established in 1995 we have taken significant steps in transforming the brand, taking full ownership of our own direction & influence within the UK. Based in Guildford, Surrey, our independent team of designers, consultants and project managers can provide all the expertise and professional knowledge required to deliver your perfect play area. Our vast portfolio of products allows our professional team of in-house designers to create bespoke play solutions to your exact requirements that will thrill children for years to come.

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The eibe UK journey 1. Research & Development 2. Manufacturing craftmanship 3. Delivery to UK 4. Consultation process

5. Concept designs 6. Developed design 7. Delivery to client 8. Installation 9. Surfacing 10. Handover & after care

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