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Construction Method Statement Example Construction Method Statement Access to the site will be from School Lane We intend to use delivery vehicles which are suited to the site access con- straints. We will arrange for a key to be available to unlock the maintenance gate prior to commencement on site We will minimise the number of vehicles on site to ensure that the path remains open to allow public access. We propose to use the car parking area adjacent to the play area to locate our compound and the details will be agreed prior to com- mencement on site. The site security etc are detailed below. These are our provisional plans and will be confirmed with you prior to commencement on site. eibe is a member of the Association of Play Industries (API) and is committed to work with you to deliver your playground project in the timescales proposed and to the required high-quality standard. We confirm that we have visited the sites, reviewed and analysed your requirements so that we have a detailed understanding of the scope of these requirements. Stakeholder Liaison . We encourage regular communication with our clients/stakeholders to ensure that current infor- mation is available to all who require it. This keeps everyone informed and ensures that any issues such as Health and Safe- ty are addressed and resolved before they become significant. During the lifecycle of a project, regular external and internal project meetings are held including the weekly meetings with you. The agendas will include; progress, programme, H&S, quality, variations, KPIs and any issues or complaints. In addition, the internal meetings will also include the financial reporting and planning aspects. All eibe contracts are organised and overseen by our projects team in accordance with our ISO 9001 accredited quality management system, and operates in accordance with the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015. They are responsible for the logistics and organisation of all contractual elements and areas related to works pro- gramming, method statements/risk assessment, supplier and on-site management, on-site meetings and all other aspects of operational works to ensure the successful delivery to the high level of construction quality required. We maintain a close and professional working relationship with customers throughout the project and we will provide weekly reports and review the proposed schedule of works and major milestones through to completion. The project manager contacts the site foreman daily to ensure that he is aware of the current status and gaining prior knowledge of potential delays or H&S issues and updates regarding the progress of the installation. Our office team main- tains regular contact with the client, installation teams, suppliers and service providers ensuring a smooth project delivery. Daily contact with our installation teams means we can spot potential problems and resolve them before they become tan- gible issues. Their progress is documented by uploading photographs of the work accomplished during the day. The projects manager will visit the sites during the installation phase and the Projects team holds a daily meeting to dis- cuss each project.

On completion of the installation, an independent inspection by an accredited RPII body will be undertaken as a prerequi- site to your acceptance of the site. Health and Safety – Our Projects team is trained to and are operating in accordance with the 2015 CDMC Regulations. We will create a CDM Phase Plan and Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) which will be agreed prior to com- mencement on site All goods supplied or work carried out will conform to the relevant EN1176 and EN1177 standards where applicable, as detailed in your specification. We are registered under the SSIP approved CHAS scheme and are members of Constructionline (No 72499) • Proposals phasing and safe working zones during construction. We intend to use a local installation team to ensure the site is completed on time. Our team has many years of experience installing similar sites for eibe. Site Management - A site-based Foreman is responsible for the management and supervision of all on-site operations and personnel, overseen by eibe’s SMSTS qualified Projects manager supported by Office based staff and the Regional Play Con- sultant. Our site foreman is SSSTS qualified. All personnel will undergo a site induction prior to gaining access to the site. Security, Storage and Site Establishment - Heras fencing (double-locked) will be erected for the duration of works. All equipment will be stored within the site boundary. Smaller items and tools are stored in vehicles. Site Access and Deliveries - We plan for all equipment and goods being delivered on vehicles where it can be offloaded using suitable plant and transported to an appropriate location within the working site/compound area. Appropriate site rules will be adopted for the movement of equipment on and off Lorries, and the movement of equipment to and from the installation site location. We plan to undertake these activities during quiet periods of the day, wherever possible, using at least one banksman and appropriate signage erected.

Signage - Required HSE signage will be used; - Health and Safety, Access, Speed Limits, Danger Construction Site, etc.

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