Yate - Kingsgate Play Area Presentation

“Foster creativity, curiosity and encourage children to develop their skills”

Our Aim - Iain Etridge

We are pleased to present the design for your new playground at Kingsgate Play Area. Our approach to play provision aims to provide high quality play experiences for children of all abilities. To us this means offering physical, sensory and social play value with our equipment and overall design. The elements within your new playground allow children to play in many different ways, exploring their own ideas and actions, and interacting with the environment around them. We create playgrounds in accordance with the ten Principles for Designing Successful Play Spaces set out in Design for Play: A Guide to Creating Successful Play Spaces (Play England 2008), which states that successful play spaces: • Are “bespoke”. • Are well located. • Make use of natural elements. • Provide a wide range of play experiences. • Are accessible to both disabled and non-disabled children. • Meet community needs. • Allow children of different ages to play together. • Build in opportunities to experience risk and challenge. • Are sustainable and appropriately maintained. • Allow for change and evolution. In line with the above principles, your new design offers inclusive and accessible play opportunities. Wheelchair accessible and inclusive elements included across the play area are: • Integration Carousel • Integration Seesaw • Sandro Sand Play Unit with accessible ramp • Interactive Play Panels • Nest swing

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