Yate - Kingsgate Play Area Presentation

Available in the following Brands Material Robina, hardwood Heart Wood Soft Grain Natural Touch Stainless Steel Bespoke

The wood is extremely hard, being one of the hardest woods available. It is very resistant to rot, and durable, making it prized for play, furniture, flooring, panelling, fence posts, and small water craft. robinia is one of the most rot-resistant local trees, Flavonoids in the heartwood allow the wood to last over 100 years in soil. As a young man, Abraham Lincoln spent much of his time splitting rails and fence posts from black locust logs.

A Key Point Summary • Wood is natural and smooth. Unlike metal, it is warm to touch

• Easy to climb, play on, and environmentally friendly • You’ll be buying from a reliable and sustainable source • Protected from infestations and rot • Use of natural oil glases to protect wood and are saliva and sweat resistant • After usage, the timber is 100% recyclable • Cannot be easily damaged • Minimal risk of cracking and splintering • Very high strength and durability, a natural life span of up to 50 years • Graffiti is sanded down. Aesthetically more appealing than metal • 20 year guarantee on hard wood timbers.

80mm ~ 200mm Hand Carved Posts

Kingsgate Park - Yate Town Council / 54

Kingsgate Park - Yate Town Council / 55

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