Yate - Kingsgate Play Area Presentation

Play Sand Surfacing

Sand is one of the most popular choices of safety surfacing. Not only is a cost-effective solution for large play areas, it provides a fantastic sensory experience for the children. It engages the senses and allows for fine-tuning physical movements which aid child development. It provides the opportunity for creative, constructive and imaginative play and we have even got to the play equipment yet! Due to the existing Tarmac area, we will created a raised sand pit which will be 300mm deep. The sand will be retained using untreated, oak sleepers which will be bolted to the tarmac. This will also provides an additional seating option for children. EN1177 state that a minimum 200mm depth is required for loose-fill materials such as sand or bark mulch to be used as a playground safety surface. However we will provide a 300mm depth as standard.

The benifits of using Play Sand: • Development of fine motor skills • Hand-Eye Co-ordination • Promotes Creativity and imagination • Sensory Development through touch - moulding the sand • Promotes Physical Development through muscle skills - dig, pour, sift, scoop etc • Encourages Social skills

Maintenance: • We recommend racking the sand pit every day/week, along with a visual inspection to check for any unwanted objects hidden within the sand.

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