Yate - Kingsgate Play Area Presentation

Surfacing Bark Mulch

As with most Playbarks and Play Woodchips available, they are manufactured from natural, organic bark and wood type materials. Therefore they provide an attractive but very safe impact-absorbing surface if used within our guidelines. Utilising nature’s own products as such, determines these products may contain a small quantity of splinters which ultimately knit together to assist in providing the impact-absorbing surface. Play Chip is wood sourced from the inner most part of the tree - it’s chipped, and treated. It’s lighter in colour than Play Bark and creates a natural, rustic look. Play Chip is generally the harder wearing of the two materials and will therefore last longer. We recommend it for play areas that receive very heavy foot traffic and require substantial durability. Such surfaces are usually commonplace in public play areas in parks and school playgrounds, along with more expensive options such as the rubber surface layer you sometimes see beneath the larger climbing frames. They can also be employed in private play areas in gardens to make the ground less dangerous to fall on.

• Products are clean, safe and 100% natural. • They are cost-effective alternatives to synthetic surfaces • Very easy to install and maintain. • Our safety surfacing materials are FSC sourced.

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